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Astrophysical Techniques, 3rd Edition
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Author : C.R. Kitchin
Subject / Year : Physics / 2005
Publisher : Overseas Press India Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : 13- 9788188689071 10- 8188689076
Price : INR 995.00
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Detectors - Optical and Infrared Detection, Radio and Microwave Detection, X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detection, Cosmic Ray Detectors, Neutrino Detectors Gravitational Radiation

Imaging - The Inverse Problem, Photography, Electronic Imaging, Scanning, Interferometry, Speckele Interferometry, Occulations, Radar, Electronic images

Photometry - Photometry, Photometers

Spectroscopy - Spectroscopy, Spectroscopes

Other Techniques - Astrometry, Polarimetry, Solar Studies, Magnetometry

Appendix - Magnitudes and spectral types of bright stars, North polar sequence, Standard stars for the

U B V photometric system, Standard stars for the uvby photometric system, Standard stars for MK spectral types, Standard stars for polarimetry, Julian date, Catalogues, Answers to the exercises

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