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A Short Course in Biostatistics
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Author : Niklas Hammar & Gunnar Persson
Subject / Year : Statistics / 2008
Publisher : Overseas Press India Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : 9788188689927
Price : INR 545.00
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Biostatistics concerns methods for statistical analysis in medicine. Methods presented in this book are used in analyses of medical data and also have applications in several other fields. The book outlines statistical concepts and methods, basic in fundamental courses in medical, behavioural and social science educational programs. Previous knowledge of statistics in not required.

Statistical analysis in medicine have gradually changed in recent years. This book gives a modern description of basic statistical concepts and methods. The book contains descriptive statistics, a short introduction to the basics of probability theory and to fundamental ideas in statistical inference. An introduction is given to analysis of means and proportions and to regression analysis. A chapter of the book deals with analysis of data in Epidemiological Studies. This includes incidence rates, relative risks, case control studies and stratified analysis. The book contains exercises with answers.
1.Descriptive statistics
2.Probability, random variables and probability distributions
3.Statistical Inference
4.Analysis of means
5.Analysis of proportions
6.Analysis of incidence rates
7.Analysis of data from case control studies
8.Stratified Analysis
9.Regression and correlation
10. Answers to exercises
Appendix: Statistical Tables

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