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Aluminium Handbook ( 2 Volumes Set)*
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Author : Dr.-Ing. Catrin Kammer
Subject / Year : Engineering
Publisher : Overseas Press India Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : Vol: 1- 3870172614, Vol: 2 - 3870172622
Price : INR 9795.00
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Volume 1
Aluminium - importance and extraction - Production and consumption of aluminium, Extraction of aluminium, Available forms, Production of input stock for manufacture of semi-finished products, Rolling slabs and extrusion billets (shapes)
Properties of unalloyed aluminium - Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Bibliography
Aluminium alloy phase diagrams - Aluminium alloys, Importance of phase diagrams, Equilibrium diagrams of aluminium, Non-equilibrium phase diagrams, Bibliography
Classification of aluminium alloys - Classification of work-hardenable aluminium alloys, Wrought age-hardenable aluminium alloys, Other wrought aluminium alloys, Structure of aluminium casting alloys, Bibliography for Chapter
Properties of aluminium alloys - Mechanical properties, Fracture, Technological properties, Physical properties, Bibliography for Chapter
Volume - 2
Mechanical working of aluminium materials - Fundamentals of deformation methods and technology, Deformation Characteristics and Behaviour, Aluminium semi-fabrication, Finished Products made in the solid, Products made by forming sheet, Bending coiled material, Special forming processes, Composite materials with aluminium, Heat treatment during and after forming, Bilography
2 Casting -  The basics of forming technology and techniques, Quality characteristics of aluminium castings, Casting, solidification and cooling,  Aluminium foundry alloys, Processes for producing castings, Mould-making, core-making and casting processes, Gating and feeding, Melt preparation, Heat-treatment of castings, Trimming, machining and repairing raw castings, Quality management and quality assurance, Bibliography
Surface Treatment of Aluminium - Mechanical surface treatments,  Chemical surface treatment, Anodic oxidation of aluminium, Metallic coatings on aluminium, Thermal spraying on aluminium, Organic coatings, Laminating, Enamelling, Other coatings, Vacuum coating, Bilography
Recycling and Ecology - Aluminium from the ecological viewpoint, Fundamentals of aluminium recycling, Technical aspects of aluminium recycling, Selected concepts of aluminium recycling systems, Bibliography

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