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A First Course in Scientific Computing: Symbolic, Graphic, and Numeric Modeling Using Maple, Java, Mathematica, and Fortran90
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Author : Rubin H. Landau
Subject / Year : Computer Science / 2011
Publisher : Overseas Press India Pvt. Ltd
ISBN : 9788189138772
Price : INR 2345.00
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This book contains an introduction to scientific computing appropriate for all lower-division college students. Its goal is to make students comfortable using computers to do science and to provide them with tools and knowledge they can utilize throughout their college careers. Its approach is to introduce the requisite
mathematics and computer science in the course of solving realistic problems. On that account care is given to indicate how each discipline uses its own language to describe the same concept, how their tools are useful to us, and how computations are often concrete examples of abstract ideas.
Contents : Introduction, Getting Started with Maple, Numbers, Expressions, Functions; Rocket Golf, Visualizing Data, Abstract Types; Electric Fields, Solving Equations, Differentiation; Towers, Integration; Power and Energy Usage (Also 14), Matrices and Vectors; Rotation, Searching, Programming; Dipsticks, Getting Started with Java, Data Types, Limits, Methods; Rocket Golf, Visualization with Java, Classes, Packages, Flow Control via Logic; Projectiles, Java Input and Output*,Numerical Integration; Power and Energy Usage, Differential Equations with Java and Maple*, Object-Oriented Programming; Complex Currents, Arrays: Vectors, Matrices; Rigid-Body Rotations, Advanced Objects; Baton Projectiles*,Discrete Math, Arrays as Bins; Bug Dynamics*, 2-D Arrays: File I/O, PDEs; Realistic Capacitor, Web Computing, Applets, Primitive Graphics, ATEX for Text, LATEX for Mathematics
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