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Astronomy and Astrophysics
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Author : Bhattacharya, A. B; Joardar, S. Bhattacharya, R.
Subject / Year : Physics / 2009
Publisher : Overseas Press India Pvt. Ltd
ISBN : 9788189938413
Price : INR 995.00
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Astronomical Universe, & Basic Techniques of Radio Astronomy, The Solar System, The Atmospheres of The Planets, Origin of the Sun, The Earth, & the Solar System, The Stars in the Sky, The Sun as a Star, Astronomical Telescopes, How to Observe the Sun, Observing the Sun with a Coronagraph, Solar Eclipses & Studying the Corona, Measurement of Solar Flux Density, Measurement of Solar Brightness Distribution, Measurement of Polarization, Receivers & Antennas for Radio Astronomy, The Sun’s Sporadic Radio Emission, Some unsolved Problems of Meter-Wave Bursts & Some International Solar Radio Instruments, The Life of Stars in the Main Sequence, The Post Main Sequence Period of the Stars, Brilliant Phenomena & Mysterious Objects of the Universe, Problems of Radio Interference & New Devel Opments in Radio Astronomy.
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