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Aluminium Electrolysis : Fundamentals of the Hall-Heroult Process*
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Author : Jomar Thonstad, Pavel Fellner, Geir Martin Haarberg Jan Hives, Halvor Kvande, Asmund Sterten 3rd Ed
Subject / Year : Engineering
Publisher : Overseas Press India Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN : 3870171553
Price : INR 5995.00
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Industrial Aspects of Aluminium Production - Introduction, The Hall-Héroult Process, The electrolyte, Alumina, The Anodes, The Cathode, Potlines, Cell Operation
Phase Equilibria - Introduction, Binary Systems Containing Na3AlF6, Multicomponent Systems, Some Other Selected Systems, Calculation of Phase Diagrams, Liquidus Equations for Systems of Interest for the Aluminium Electrowinning Process, References
Thermodynamic Data - Introduction, One-Component Systems, Thermodynamic Data for Systems with More than One Component, Vapour Pressure and Thermodynamic Data, Energy Requirements, References
Structural Entities in Cryolite-base Melts - Introduction, Ionic Models for Cryolite-Base Melts, References
Physical-chemical Properties - Density, Surface Tension, Electrical Conductivity, Viscosity, Transference Numbers, Diffusivity in Aluminium Electrolytes, Thermal Conductivity
Electrochemical Properties - Introduction, Galvanic Cells and Reference Electrodes, Working Electrodes for Kinetic Studies, The Electric Double Layer, References
The Electrode Processes - The Cathode Process, The Anode Process, The Anode Effect, References
Interaction between Aluminium and the Electrolyte - Introduction, Visual Observations, Metal Solubility Measurements, The Vapour Phase in the Presence of Aluminium, Electrochemical Properties, Electrical Conductivity of Dissolved Metal, Nature of the Dissolved Metal, References
Current Efficiency - Introduction, Weight Loss of Aluminium in Cryolite Melts, Reactions between CO2, CO and Dissolved Aluminium, Current Efficiency Measurements in Laboratory Cells, Current Efficiency in Industrial Cells, Concluding Remarks, References
OTHER CHEMICAL ASPECTS - Some Effects of Electrolyte Impurities, Alumina Dissolution in the Bath, Carbon in Industrial Cells, Fluoride Emissions, Inert Anodes and Cathodes, Novel Cell Designs, Alternative Processes, Concluding Remarks
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